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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of facilities are there for visiting gliders, i.e., assembly tie-down and trailer storage?  Can you host a group of visiting gliders?

Grant County airport is well-suited to groups of visiting glider pilots…the airport hosts wave camps at their facilities each year.  There is plenty of grass parking for trailers and assembly space on their large paved ramp.  There are also airplane tiedowns on the ramp that can be used by gliders and/or you can sink your own anchors in the grass…though most glass pilots assemble/teardown each day.  On rare occasions a single hangar spot may be available, but this should not be relied upon. 


The terminal is adjacent the ramp and has a large room with tables/chairs and two walls of windows overlooking the airport.  There is also a pilot lounge, restrooms and kitchen area.  Across the runway there is a pavilion, spots for tents/RVs and heated bathrooms/showers for overnight stays.  The town of Petersburg is next to the airport and has restaurants, hotels, gas, convenience stores and other standard services.

How much is glider instruction and ground school? 

Glider instruction consist of tow costs, glider rental and dual instruction.  For simplicity we have a combined flat rate for the tow and glider rental:  $35 for a tow to pattern altitude (~1000') to include up to 10 min of flight time, $60 for a tow up to 2000' (up to 15 min flight time) and $75 for a tow up to 3000' (up to 20 min flight time).  Longer flights are then charged at $55/flight hour for the additional glider time.  All instruction (flight or ground) is charged at $55/hour.  Further information and scheduling can be found at our website ( under the Rentals/Tows tab. Or, you can always call or email us for more information (i.e., to tailor instruction to your specific needs).  


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