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IS-28B2 Twin Lark landing

Learn To Fly Gliders

(near Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern VA)

Start your aviation hobby or career by learning to fly a glider and develop the basic 'stick and rudder' skills critical for all fixed wing aircraft flying.  We offer one-on-one instruction designed to meet your specific needs.  Concentrated flying opportunities are also available for those wishing to progress in an accelerated fashion and for those looking to finish up training begun somewhere else.

For those glider pilots looking to add a ground launch endorsement to their glider certificate we offer one-on-one instruction tailored to your level of experience and currency.  Come learn how to safely enjoy winch launching with us!

In order to provide exceptional customer service (i.e., no 1st-come, 1st-served waiting), reservations are required and only a limited number of flights are available each day (subject to weather)...once these are sold-out no additional reservations can be taken. 

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