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IS-28B2 Twin Lark winch launch
Flat rate for glider rental & tow:

$35 - Pattern tow (includes up to 10 min of flight time)

$60 - Up to 2000' AGL (includes up to 15 min of flight time)

$75 - Up to 3000' AGL (includes up to 20 min of flight time)



$55 per hour


Glider rental (ASK-13):

$55 per flight hour for dual instruction ($55 per hour for rental use, until glider is returned to the airfield ready for the next customer)

Tows (winch launch only):

$30 - Pattern tow 

$50 - Up to 2000' AGL 

$60 - Up to 3000' AGL 

Annual dual check ride required before a winch launch can be provided for private owners or renters.

Private owners pay half price for subsequent, consecutive, same-height tows each day (i.e., sled rides only; e.g., three back-to-back same-day tows for the price of two) for non-instructional flights in their glider.


Pilot-in-command is responsible for any broken weak link ($7 each) or lost/damaged cable assemblies & associated connecting hardware and rings.

Cross-country ground retrieve:

$75 per hour


WV sales tax (6%) not included in rates above.

In order to provide exceptional customer service (i.e., no 1st-come, 1st-served waiting), reservations are required and only a limited number are available each day (subject to weather)...once these are sold-out no additional reservations can be taken. 

Glider Rentals/Tows

(near Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern VA)

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